Meet Tom

Tom Hitchcock is an industrial designer based in Talent, Oregon. He is a prize-winning sculptor, and a professional inventor.

Tom Hitchcock, Designer

Tom Hitchcock, Designer

Inspired by the beauty of the land and the amazing in Southern Oregon, Tom moved to Talent to focus on appropriate technology and permaculture. He is intrigued in how the Internet can be used as a tool for personal and social transformation. The industrial designer and artist focuses his own work around the synthesis of technology and emerging spiritual practices.

The original inventor of the award-winning Snap Lock mechanism, Tom has been designing knives and combination hand tools since 1979.

His other interests include building custom bicycles, permaculture, and appropriate technology. Tom has been influenced by Deva Premal, Sphongle and Enthogen and painter Alex Grey.

“Much of my knife making inspiration has come from Nature. My mentors in learning about the knife-making industry include Matt Conable, and Jim Whers, who both were very generous with their time and knowledge. I was also very inspired by Ed Halligan and the simplicity and elegance of his knife designs.”