Help! I’m a Giant 3D Printer stuck in a Lathe’s Body!

IMG_1684I am Nardini, a giant metal lathe of Brazillian origin.   I desperately need your help!  I am currently being held hostage and threatened with extinction (or at least being broken up into tiny pieces sent to China and returned as tiny flag pins for Wal-Marters).  I have seemingly been rescued from that fate, although it is unclear if I can get sufficient help from the local humanoid types to complete my escape and metamorphosis to a giant 3D printer.

One thought on “Help! I’m a Giant 3D Printer stuck in a Lathe’s Body!

  1. Please let me interrupt and give some explanation. My name is Tom Hitchcock (nom du instructables: loveoption9) and I have been forced to share my machine with this entity named “Nardini,” which somehow has entered my operating system. I do not seem to be able to delete “Nardini” or its contributions to my website. This seems to be due to some kind of rogue program that I suspect was in some faulty software that I was hoping to use to control the motors. I don’t know. It was very cheap and called stuck-nest or something like that. When I downloaded a similar Chinese program they somehow combined in some strange way, capturing my website password and giving me no peace. “Nardini” claims to run Satwa “G” code (smuggled from a prison in Dubai) – whatever that is. Never seen before in the wild. Anyhow, it never worked right, but now I am stuck with this stuck-nest entity nesting in my computer.

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